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Marriage Therapy

Dealing with a difficult spouse? Are they resistant to change due to narcissism or emotional detachment?

My revolutionary marriage therapy techniques have help thousands of couples overcome personality and relational conflicts and create lasting and affectionate emotional bonds.

f you are struggling in your marriage and don’t know where to turn, we want you to know … there’s hope!


My solution-focused approach can create lasting changes in 10-12 sessions with an  85% success rate!

Take the step in changing your lives and getting an and keeping the love you want. 

Individual Therapy
Are you experiencing depression/ anxiety/OCD?


Have you had sexual, physical or emotional abuse? 

I offer the most advanced solution-focused therapy to overcome your symptoms quickly and to see long-lasting results including:

  • EMDR

  • CBT

  • Schema-Therapy (Narcissism/Borderline)

  • Positive Psychology/Logotherapy (Viktor Frankl)

Coaching Programs
Want to become an accredited Life Coach or help transform couples' lives as a Marriage & Intimacy Coach?
We offer 2 accredited coaching programs:
  • Viktor Frankl Life Coaching
  • Viktor Frankl Marriage & Intimacy Coaching
Join hundreds of successful graduates including individuals, rabbis/rebbetzins/chosson/kallah teachers and others.
Viktor Frankl Life Coaching Program Starting Jan. 26, 2020
Marriage & Intimacy Coaching Program Starting May. 10, 2020

Watch Life-Changing Videos

Art and Science of Attachment

Unlock the secrets of marital happiness. Attachment Theory has been proven to help decode the art and science of why some couples have a hard time communicating and forming affectionate relationships.

By Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch, LMFT

Viktor Frankl Life Coaching and Marriage & Intimacy Coaching Programs

Become an accredited Life Coach or Marriage & Intimacy Coach. 

Our coaching program create an environment of dynamic change, personal and relationship transformation. Watch free lessons. 

New Book

Spiritually-Based Therapy Inspired by

Viktor Frankl and Jewish Wisdom 

Are you feeling Depressed or Anxious?

Think "Good" and Search for More Meaning in Your Life.

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